Site Visit

Refining the Design

Construction Documents

The refining process is when your new home starts to come alive through 3d modeling, clients get a real life feel of how their new home will look and feel from each room and on their site. PDF versions of the plans will be emailed along with jpeg 3D images of the interior and exterior for review.
Site planning is the first and most critical step in creating your dream home.
Deciding on room locations indoors and out, paths, views, roads and natural lighting affect every step that follows.
After revisions are done we’ll move forward with preliminary drawings for bid and estimating purposes. We provide full support throughout the estimating process. After all necessary revisions are made to preliminary plans clients will be provided with a full set of permit ready construction documents.
The next step is to begin the creation of your new home based of the information gathered from the initial meeting and site visit. This is where we begin to take your home from dream to reality through conceptual design and layout.

Conceptual Design

Continued Support

Initial Meeting

The initial meeting can take place at our office, your home a coffee shop or wherever is most convenient. At this meeting we ask that you bring all information you’ve gathered such as pictures, layouts personal sketches, etc. We will discuss the image you have of your home, your lifestyle, wants, needs, size and budget.  
Our support does not end with the delivery of the construction documents. Continued support is provided throughout the entire construction process of your new home. We’ll work with local building officials to obtain permits, offer technical support for builders, subcontractors and suppliers.